Khadijah M Britton

Khadijah M Britton

I'm a journalist with a JD.

I write about topics that make other writers uncomfortable. Some of my favorites: GMOs; race; gender; religion; IP law; environmentalism; policing; activism. My ideal story combines all of these.

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What Women Don’t Want

We know we don’t want Pax Dickinson or TitStare. Let’s hack tech culture, together....

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A Woman’s Place is Putting Bass in Your Face

Women in music face sexism — duh. But that doesn’t have to stop you from being a superstar...

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The Sweet Little Criminal Next Door

Whenever a criminal mastermind is arrested, reporters interview the neighbors who say, “but he seemed so nice.” With the…...

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The Word “Blog” Sucks

I’ve been waiting to tell you all this for a while, and it took a publication format called “Medium” for me to get the c…...

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I Can’t Leave My House Because of Bad Typography Everywhere

I have spent my adult life safe in New York’s confines, where Comic Sans has been banned and Helvetica keeps millions mo…...