Khadijah M Britton

Khadijah M Britton

I'm a journalist with a JD.

I write about topics that make other writers uncomfortable. Some of my favorites: GMOs; race; gender; religion; IP law; environmentalism; policing; activism. My ideal story combines all of these.

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Are You Really Safe Online?

Where there's a will to violate your privacy, there is a way, so here are a few ways you can protect yourselves from thieves, spies, and bullies who are after your most personal stuff.

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How To Be Successful - Music Industry

Many women dream of becoming famous musicians, but — go figure — don’t want to grind on Robin Thicke to get there. I caught up with some of my favorite up-and-coming DJs, MCs, and producers and boiled their wisdom down to these five take-aways to help you get to the top.